Share the Love is a Twitter visualization comissioned by The City of Misssissauga for the 2015 Pan Am Games in Toronto. It will be displayed in Mississauga's Celebration Square for the duration of the games.

Share the Love takes tracks all of the Tweets originating in Mississauga, and looks for certain key words. Over the course of the installation, the frequency of each word is tracked per-ward, and visualized as a set of floating islands, based on Mississauga's real geography.

Below are some screenshots from the development, displaying a range of visual styles that were tested.

Share the Love is an interactive art project built in collaboration between the Culture Division, City of Mississauga and the citizens of the city. Share the Love is a city-wide project that will show us how the citizens are feeling in real time. It will also provide opportunities for the citizens to encourage and spread love to other communities through the simple action of tweeting.

  • The City of Mississauga
  • Jul 01 2015